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  • After many years of management for American and French engineering corporations and training in France, I have practical experience in construction management and development and am impressed by European architecture although it exists. for thousands of years still attractive and sustainable. And when I directly built a villa for myself, as well as helping my relatives build a house, I chose the 2 most prestigious contractors in the market, they participated in house building consulting programs … But in the process construction and after completion, were very disappointed in their professionalism and reputation.

    Then I and VTOC Group merged 2 prestigious construction companies that existed more than 25 years ago, with more than 300 workers, construction managers, engineers, architects to create Cat Xanh with a porcelain. The mission is to contribute a brand to design, repair, and build a real reputation for society. And combine distribution of sand, stone, steel, other construction materials that VTOC has equity investments in sand mines, quarries, manufacturing plants (Cat Xanh has full mining licenses, experience providing leveling sand, building sand, stone, and steel in bulk for large projects throughout Vietnam and ASEAN).

    The entire team of workers, construction managers, engineers of Cat Xanh is 100% of the company. Cat Xanh also inherits the financial resources and international professional management and management system of VTOC. (Rarely do construction companies have such sharp strategies.) Because of these sharp strategies, Cat Xanh helps thousands of customers, investors are proud and secure because the Cat Xanh and Cat Xanh brands help investors save 20-50% compared to the old way. Fast pace 30-70%. Unarise. Investors do not have to be tired of monitoring, but have a reputable warranty. Security. And other attractive opportunity values ​​of VTOC Group.

    Because the mission is to contribute a truly prestigious, economical, but beautiful and sustainable design, repair and construction service, plus our capacity that despite experiencing the crisis of years of price fluctuations. construction materials are very large when the steel price nearly doubled, sand increased by nearly 3 times, labor increased by one and a half times and other fluctuations .. have seriously affected the construction contracts signed earlier. Although a series of companies went bankrupt, or abandoned the construction due to losses, or forced the investor to compensate for the loss to complete the project …, Cat Xanh still completed as committed quality and mission, but also warranted. attentive quickly.

    Leaders of Cat Xanh always have a way for all employees to be wholeheartedly for the prestige of the common mission, the application of the management quintessence of a leading corporation in Europe and the US along with policies full of humanity … has helped Cat Xanh become a company with the best team of departments and personnel. Strongest moral foundation. And thanks to that sharp strategy, along with the above strengths and the method of building the unique French-American experience of Cat Xanh, CAT XANH’s construction price is much cheaper than conventional methods, as well as durable. stronger and more beautiful, the investor is more secure and happier. Cat Xanh is very prestigious and is a leading brand in the field of Design, repair and civil construction. And provide sand, stone, steel, vlxd for large projects (the system of sand mines, stone, and steel warehouses of VTOC Group has full papers, and invoices as well as implementation experience for large national projects. ).

    This has been proven through hundreds of townhouses, villas, factories, industrial parks, buildings, factories…. that Cat Xanh has served for many years.

    If you have needs, Design, repair, build houses, villas, works. Or big projects need sand leveling, construction, stone, steel,…. Do not hesitate to contact 0936,000.054 – 0983.666640. Or email: Hungcatxanh@vtoc.net or visit webstie www.CatXanh.com


    Chairman of VTOC Group (Food An, Go Protect, RamBon ..) and Cat Xanh have a meeting with the board of directors, partners of construction corporation, world No. 1 vlxd in France. The Chairman is also proud to have a training time, and practical research, working here. Currently, VTOC Group continues to maintain, expand investment and cooperate in the fields of research and development of technology, high technology in European countries.

    The President of Vietnam VTOC was invited by the Ministry of Commerce and the US Consulate General to the event of Investment in the US. VTOC Group currently invests in the US in the fields of research and technology development in construction, materials, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, food, agriculture, and consumer goods, equipment and machinery.