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  • Cat XanhCorp (Green Sand Corp) has 2 main fields: With two brands of Cat Xanh and CatXanhFood

    Repair, construction, building materials as sand, stone, steel, ductile iron pipe, fittings, valves, manhole; hdpe pipe; kitchen, toilet equipment; gate, door, balcon casting with aluminum alloy;…

    Food, fruit, special traditional food, agriculture.

    After 14 years of working for USA, France of company, I have practical experience in construction management and development and impressed by European architecture despite its existence. thousands of years still attractive and durable. And when I directly built a villa for myself, as well as helping my relatives build a house, I chose the two most prestigious contractors in the market, they are often present in the house-building consultancy programs…But during construction and after completion, was very disappointed in the quality of construction, especially always trying to impose their own ways, worst of all, the warranty, when have a mistake they took a long time to arrive, and then just take notes and do it through the speakers… even though the advertising is very strong.

    After that, I and VTOC Group merged 2 reputable construction units that existed more than 25 years ago, with more than 300 workers, construction managers, engineers, and architects to create Green Sand with one porcelain. The mission is to contribute a brand in design, repair, construction, and supply of building materials with real prestige to the society. And distribute sand, stone, steel, stainless steel, aluminum, paint, doors, soundproof panels, gates, balustrades made of aluminum alloy …. and other building materials.

    We also understand that if we only commit to prestige without having the ability to guarantee that word, it is just a lie. Therefore, although we have many years of management experience in professional European and American corporations. We also have to invest in a team of workers, construction managers and engineers of Cat Xanh, which is 100% of the company, and apply different business models, since 2015 has been constantly fluctuating. the cost of materials, labor…But we still guarantee prestige warranty, even though there are holes. And officially from 2020, the Institute of Strategy & Innovation (ISAI) to help us with governance, management, strategy, innovation and staff training. As well as being supported by VTOC in terms of resources.

    Because of these sharp strategies, Green Cat helps hundreds of customers and investors to be proud and secure when cooperating with Green Cat, Green Cat helps investors save 10-30% compared to the old way. . Fast progress 20-50%. Not arisen and gentle. Investors do not have to tire of tracking. And it’s backed by a good warranty. Security

    In terms of food, we understand that health is the most important, we ourselves also have many customers and VIP partners. Plus the family tradition of making specialties, fishing in Binh Dinh and Vung Tau for hundreds of years. Therefore, we have been invested by the management of VTOCgroup to develop a system of organic farms, fishing boats, bird’s nest houses, and specialty processing workshops. Currently, CatXanhFood provides high-class bird’s nest products; fruits, organic nuts imported from Europe and America, and specialties such as mackerel fish sauce, 1 sunny mackerel, shrimp rolls, dried squid, dried shrimp, shrimp powder, dried cod. If you need to ensure your health, or give as a vip gift, please contact +84.961111046 or +84.98366.6640 (call/viber/whatsapp)
    If you have a need to Design, repair, build houses, villas, works & waste water treatment. Or works that need sand for leveling, construction materials such as sand, stone, steel, sanitary ware, kitchen, railings/balcony/ iron doors/gates, cast aluminum imitation copper; manhole cover, water pipe.. Green Sand is looking forward to serving you. Please do not hesitate to contact +84.936.000.054 – +84.96.1111.046.(Viber/zalo/whatsapp) Or email: catxanhcorp@gmail.com or visit the website www.CatXanh.vn
    In addition, we always support customers and partners when having legal problems such as land disputes, property, fraud, marriage and family, accidents, or civil, criminal, and security cases. other. Leader of Cat Xanh is also a scientist, jurist and is currently the deputy director of the Center for Legal Support, Economic and Security;  Director of the Press and Legal Support Club. Manage news sites,  Economic Security Magazine www.KinhTe AnNinh.vn. He is also an expert in detecting young talents, and orienting the development of young people and young people. We are also willing to share our experience of being scammed by our loyal shareholders, and how to deal with the crisis.

    Chairman of  Cat Xanh have a meeting and trainning in France

    The President of VTOC was invited by the Ministry of Commerce and the US Consulate General to the event of Investment in the US.